What to know when purchasing a central vacuum system.

Healthy Home Benefits of Owning a Central Vacuum System Healthy Home Benefits of Owning a Central Vacuum System.

With a Central Vacuum System you have a modern household appliance suited to busy family life-styles. Central Vacuum Systems are equipped with self-cleaning filters, many from the makers of Gore-Tex Fabric (known as the best in filtration to… Read More

Don’t forget the benefits of Carpet!

Brooks Carpet Clinic Ltd. November 27, 2013 Why clean your carpets regularly? Carpet is a great choice for comfort, appeal and health in the indoor environment and in many cases is the affordable approach to decorating. As we use our carpeted areas, we bring in the same pollutants that we clean up off any hard… Read More

“Green” Understood or Abused for Profit or Market Positioning?

“Green” Understood or Abused for Profit or Market Positioning?   January 25 I was looking through some interactions in the past and felt this blurb would be of help to many who are learning, “thinking green”. It does not relate to any specific product, it relates to our mindset as we come to understand “Green”,… Read More

Bed Bugs, How to Deal With Them

Many of us are concerned when it comes to traveling or even visiting about bedbugs. We have clients calling us about this many times asking about How_To_Get_Rid_Of_Bed_Bugs. The transfer of bedbugs is something to think about. Taking the sofa that is free, or the bed set that is for sale may not be a good idea.… Read More