“Green” Understood or Abused for Profit or Market Positioning?

“Green” Understood or Abused for Profit or Market Positioning?


January 25
I was looking through some interactions in the past and felt this blurb would be of help to many who are learning, “thinking green”. It does not relate to any specific product, it relates to our mindset as we come to understand “Green”, as it is very abused in marketing and application today. For example, “is it really a green product or process?” The answer relates to how, why, where, when and what is used or done. Many of the old products and processes deemed not green now, may be green used and done right, in comparison to new uses and methods done wrong, due to a total lack of understanding by promoters of green, in an effort to procure a share in the market. Does it matter if we care about our clients, or is getting the market share more important and the cost of ignorance to be others problems?

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