What to know when purchasing a central vacuum system.

Healthy Home Benefits of Owning a Central Vacuum System

Healthy Home Benefits of Owning a Central Vacuum System.

With a Central Vacuum System you have a modern household appliance suited to busy family life-styles.
Central Vacuum Systems are equipped with self-cleaning filters, many from the makers of Gore-Tex Fabric (known as the best in filtration to date). So the central vacuum system will always be at optimal cleaning performance. Purchase of vacuum filter bags is optional for those who desire the optimum in filtration and unit maintenance. Central Vacuum Systems are designed for high durability and longevity.

Central Vacuum Systems remove virtually all the dirt, dust, and debris from the living area to the collection bucket, and the clean filtered air is exhausted from the power unit to the outside. Many units are designed to be installed without the need to vent outdoors as a result of improved filtration systems. The resulting benefit is, Central Vacuum Systems create a better indoor living climate and highly reduce allergy symptoms.

Central Vacuum Systems use tubing installed in the walls of your home to carry dirt, dust and allergens away from living areas to the central power unit and collection canister located in your chosen area such as the garage or mechanical room.

To activate the system, plug the hose into the wall inlet. (An average home has three inlets.) The flexible lightweight hose and inlet system allow you to move from room to room for easy whole-house cleaning convenience. Power units located outside of the living area keep things quiet in the living areas.
Central vacuum systems remove100% of contacted dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens, and are superior to conventional vacuums in providing relief from allergy symptoms.
High quality Central Vacuum Systems require no filters or screens to clean or replace and utilize permanent self-cleaning filtration material.
( GORE-TEX fabric being the choice for best filtration).

By using cyclonic forces to separate larger dirt particles and allergens from vacuumed air, the permanent filter can remove particles at a stunning 98% efficiency at 0.3 microns.

Dust particles do not stick to self-cleaning filter surfaces like conventional filter media. And most importantly, power is not lost as the bucket fills up, allowing high level performance time after time.
You will be making a wise choice to invest in your families health by creating a healthy home environment with a built-in central vacuum system.
Be sure to shop out the differences in quality for filtration issues, size of unit appropriate for the application, size and quality of hose and power-heads and other accessories that you will be needing.
Make your choice a good one.

Ron Preston

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