Money Saving Tips For Vacuum Care

“Tips To Keep Your Vacuum in Good Operating Condition”

Keep your vacuum at peak operating performance by following these helpful tips.

Change your vacuum bag when it’s 2/3 full or once a month, whichever comes first. An overfull bag reduces your vacuum’s ability to clean.
Always use HEPA media bags, or High Filtration Rated Bags, to maximize your vacuum’s filtration effectiveness.
 Change your vacuum filter(s) every 3-6-12 months as per frequency or extended use time . If someone in your home suffers from allergies, change filters regularly to help them breathe a little easier. Do not wash and reuse filters unless rated as washable and be careful handling to avoid damage.
 Unless your vacuum has a Lifetime Belt, check your belt periodically for excessive wear and replace it as needed. Refer to your vacuum owner’s manual, or take your vacuum to your nearest authorized service dealer for belt replacement.
 Check your brushroll periodically by turning the vacuum over and ensure the brush turns freely. Clean out thread, hair, and string by gently cutting it with a seam ripper or small scissors.
Power Cord
 Avoid running over your power cord. This is a top reason for cord replacements, and it is not covered under warranty.
Do not yank the power cord from the outlet or let it whip into place using the cord rewind button, control it as it rewinds.
General Tips
 It is recommended to use Genuine  replacement parts, including bags, belts and filters. Some after market parts can cause permanent damage to your vacuum and will void your warranty.   Manufacturers, bags and filters are made specifically for the best fit and performance of  vacuums.
Before you vacuum, straighten the area you plan to vacuum. Pick up anything that could become lodged in the brushroll, and avoid liquids or hard metal items, and the like, that could damage the vacuum. Please refer to your vacuum owner’s manual for specific items to avoid vacuuming.
Store your vacuum in a clean and dry location, such as a closet, and avoid places with great humidity or extreme temperatures, which could affect the plastic and wear the rubber parts faster.

Service recommended once per year minimum by your authorized dealer.

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