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Are Your Hardwood Floors in Dire Need of Attention

Are Your Hardwood Floors in Dire Need of Attention?

One question we get asked a lot, is, ” Can anything be done about my hardwood floors?”

Hardwood floors are in need of  surface maintenance throughout their lifetime, the same as vinyl, carpet, ceramic, and a host of other floor-coverings.

Most of the time, as a result of designed wear-ability, soiling camouflaged textures and coloration of these products, surface maintenance is left way too long allowing for costly cleaning and resurfacing.

Before this excessive wear is irreversible, it is advised to follow manufacture recommended cleaning and maintenance requirements. Most of these are not followed, due to the fact that most products give a long enough life to get past the warranty usefulness, thus product issues become the users expense.

A full refinish of hardwood is a costly process. Anyone claiming it can be done for less, is a “buyer beware” red flag. There are many applications of maintenance, through to full refinishing, that need to be fully understood, to make a qualified decision on which application, will be best for your household needs.

We recommend, at the time of purchase that, you, the homeowner and end user of a product ask about the warranty, manufacture recommended procedure for keeping your new floors in a like new condition, so as to never have to go through the full refinishing process on most floors until it is really time, for reasons not related to wear alone.

It is common practice for retailers of product, to sidestep these concerns in the sales process as it requires more due diligence and responsibility on their part in disclosure of proper care. It is wrong for a retailer to just, sell you, the trusting client, a product ,just because you are interested in it. It is the responsibility of the retailer to ask you, the client, what your wants are, in relation to the product looks and use expectation. You, the client, may see a product you think looks good for the application. Looks good and is good are two different things, and is to be considered with you by the retailer or vendor of the product, especially if the vendor is also the specifier.

Designers are also responsible to provide solid information about the product specified as to its true nature in relation to the end users needs.

When it comes to inspection all parties from manufacture to end user, including any maintenance services used, are all liable to responsibility in a claim for loss, in relation to premature failure of product serviceability.

This being said, as mentioned above, most end users, will foot the bill for belated maintenance due to, for the most part, ignorance.

Now! What can be done?

Are Your Hardwood Floors in Dire Need of Attention?

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