David Snell | When do I need a mold inspection

http://m.ibosocial.com/snellexperts/pressrelease.aspx?prid=446788 A good article explaining mold with a balanced viewpoint. Unless we are off the planet or in a purposed clean room designed to be maintained mold and bacteria free, we are exposed to many varieties of mold everywhere. Remember, it is the concentration, usually over time that creates sensitivities with most airborne particulates that… Read More

Not All Tile Installations Are The Same Even Though it May Appear That Way

This is true of most things in construction or in product, that what appears to be is the same. Tile floors are no exception to this misconception when it comes to the actual final outcome. Not all suppliers and trades go the distance for a host of reasons, to produce the best result. Budget constraints,… Read More

To Fill our Land Fills or Not to Fill

Eighteen years and still going. The canister still operates like new. This unit was brought in for a power brush repair. The $700.00 investment,   at the local vacuum dealer saved hundreds that would have been spent on a door to door sold unit averaging $2500.00 at the time. All vacuums need repair from time to… Read More