Have You Walked Through Not Realizing We Offer Flooring Solutions?


Our new line up of Quickstyle hardwood, laminate and Kraus carpet products may just fit the bill for your remodel.

The 100% waterproof Unifloor Aqua plank click assembly product may be the solution you have been looking for for all grade uses.

Solid wood transitions or metal are all we offer. No more delaminating, splitting or peeling issues. Only great looks and long life.

Four choices of underpayment products will be sure to make the product chosen perform with heat, moisture and sound concerns addressed.

The “ekosteps” insulating tile system will aid in warming and sound reduction for all grades as well.

Antique, Chalet, Prima maple, oak ash, walnut and engineered clic selections make your possibilities come to life.

Very Desirable For Comfort

Our carpet lineup will add the warmth, luxury, comfort and indoor dust control needed for ease of maintenance in your home. Ask us why we say this.

A variety of pile tufting designs will add to your comfort and indoor appeal. Cut and loop textures, modern shag styles, trackless and soft touch choices will make your indoor environment very inviting.

Less to Worry About

Our in-house installation services allow full control of the end result.
No worries about who is coming, We are.

To see some of these products, please visit our site, brookscarpetclinic.com and click on the Quickstyle and Kraus links. If your remodeling needs are more, we invite you to visit any other or all linked sites as per your need.

Thank you for your interest,

3 thoughts on “Have You Walked Through Not Realizing We Offer Flooring Solutions?

  1. I can’t find any info on ekostep. I want to know if I can lay directly on a cement basement floor (and any special steps like additional plastic sheets or taping the seams). Any help would be helpful.


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