40 Years Of Duradek, A Hard Act To Follow


You’re looking at the huge task of scraping painting or staining your wood deck before you can be truly happy with enjoying or entertaining yourselves or guests.


This product I have on my deck was said to be Duradek, however has failed and I found out it was misrepresented and is actually some other vinyl that has not met the standards to be Duradek, not even close!

Maybe I’ll put it off. Oops, we didn’t even use our deck this year, it was just too much effort to make it presentable and some of the boards were a bit risky.

OK, Now I’m Peeved! I want ease of maintenance for a long time. I heard Duradek is a 40 year proven product and  is installed by certified applicators and lasts like, 20 plus years and is changed mostly for aesthetics. I’m sold!

We called our local Duradek dealer and our deck is now our haven for outdoor relaxation, dining, grilling and entertaining. We love it and so do our guests.

This scenario relates to many comments made by our clients and we are pleased to have been a part of this life changing decision that enhances their busy lives.

It is now the best season to have Duradek enhance your lifestyle.

For more information, we invite you to peruse our client friendly site.  Please follow the home page guidance to make your information gathering experience easy and fun.

Drop in to see the selection, or drop us a note on the “contact us” page. We will be delighted to bring this best product into your decision for your enhanced lifestyle story.

All our best to you,
Ron, Peggy and Zac

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