Do We Really Have to Get Rid of Our Comfortable Carpet?

Natural fiber content in carpet was one of the reasons why doctors recommended replacement for allergy sufferers. With the change in supply from jute to synthetic backings this issue has been reduced to the point of making broadloom products the healthy choice for dust control.

With proper maintenance, keeping soiling from filling the fibers, carpet becomes a filtration assist, keeping air currents from easily redistributing dust into the air. Hard surfaces must be cleaned very regularly to control air current redistribution of dust, as there is no way to stop the movement of dust across these flooring choices.

It is not uncommon, after cleaning hard surfaces, to see within hours of household use, a travel pattern of no dust where we walk, however, accumulated dust along the path on both sides. Bedrooms, bathrooms, entries and kitchens are quickest in developing these air/dust patterns as they are usually the busy rooms. Bedrooms speak volumes in this regard, as this is where all the dust and pollutants from our clothing from our daily activities end up, unless we disrobe in our entries and take this issue to the laundry room.

Add darker colors and texture free to the hard surface choices and everything including foot oil marks, show immediately, especially if the light is at such an angle as to make this more obvious.

Before making a quick decision to remove comfort and dust control from your indoor comfort equation, consider the improvements made in textile flooring products and informed cleaning services.

This brings up another issue, How do I find an informed and ethical cleaning service or any trade for that matter?

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