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What Does Boiling Have to do With Carpet and vacuums?


The question about carpet over hard surfaces always surfaces when cleaning, health or change in use and decor come into the picture.

Carpet is usually categorized quickly into the bad guy of flooring. Why?

It simply boils down to the forgiving nature of carpet as to the reason maintenance is left until it has to be done. This is the reason so many carpets are worn or soiled in appearance sooner than need be and why carpet is questioned over hard surface choices. Should hard surfaces be unattended similar to carpet, the result would be very much the same. Health wise it would be worse by far as carpet at its worst still retains allergens from re-entering the breathing environment as quickly as hard surfaces.

The simple truth about carpet.

Carpet provides quiet comfort and the final part of the equation is a high filtration vacuum that is of good quality, designed for the clean air result, not just having a high filtration filter added so it can be sold with high filtration as a feature. There is a huge difference.

Next, regular maintenance is needed even if it appears it is not needed. If we never serviced our vehicles because it seemed there was no need, premature wear and the replacement cost would reveal itself sooner than wanted. Carpet is no different.

Buy a great carpet with a premium pad and proper installation and maintain it properly and the result will be healthy warm and comfortable with clean breathing for the whole family, including Pets!

To Boil things down to reality!

Boiling the whole thing down then, is carpet is not at fault, it is our expectations that have been skewed.

This came about due to misinformation or the lack of good information directly from the mills and the supply chain, misinformed cleaning services that appear when someone needs a job.


The flooring industry as a whole is a mystery to most buyers, however is one of the largest components to our indoor environments. One would think just the opposite for being in the know would be apropos.

The full responsibility in the end is for the purchaser to foot, as the final decision is theirs to make.

One could be justified in saying hard surfaces are healthier and easier to keep clean, however, miss the point that it takes constant attention to such surfaces to reduce the airborne allergen issues that result if a good regiment of cleaning protocol is not adhered to.

The reality is that caring for your flooring, be it carpet or hard surface needs to be done right for any choice. Allowing the forgiving nature of carpet to assist in regularity of cleaning, that being less regular than needed, is not going to help a great carpet win a hopeless battle.

Hard surfaces attended to less than needed, allow for premature wear of these surfaces and also the greater potential for allergens being redistributed instantly into the breathing space. Carpet contains contaminants from entering the breathing space very effectively and allows for removal before an airborne situation occurs.

Also, comfort is at an all time low with most hard surface products, along with sound control and much more.Custom tile 14

All things boiling down to reality is, don’t be too quick to invest in less than adequate information when it comes to your healthy indoor environment, comfort and peace of mind.