Our History

  This is the History Of Brooks Carpet Clinic Ltd.

We hope you enjoy the tour with us and we thank you as clients or clients to be.

The story begins in and around 1980, Brooks Carpet Clinic Ltd.  is founded and is run from a private home to start.

As the years passed decisions were made to move the operation to a retail/shop space until the need to move operations due to the expanding enterprise needs.

Brooks Carpet Clinic Ltd, was a major player in the restoration services in Brooks at this time working with losses due to fire and flood, also the decontamination of biological related misfortunes, even skunk spray deodorization and the like.

We had an ice service that required the building of a large walk-in freezer and the setting up of equipment to make cubed and block ice products for sale locally.

This moved forward and the vacuum sales and service, auto detailing, rug cleaning, along with water treatment systems was introduced.

A new partner was brought in eventually, to help the services grow and support the two families involved. These enterprises grew to the point of our current location being built.

As time moved forward the enterprise grew and the induction of partners and more staff,  was decided on. at this time we were offering, carpet and upholstery, restoration, water purification, air purification, vacuum sales and service, ultra-sonic blind cleaning, auto reconditioning, furnace cleaning and air purification.

In 1997 I came in as a junior partner along with the original owner and two other partners.  Promptly, the first day, crushed my foot! Ouch!, I still went ahead and got the work ahead done with everyone’s support and quick learning skills. I brought with me flooring sales and service, a long background in the cleaning and restoration services, renovation, technical and installation experience. Within this first year the first laser wash touch-less car-wash in Brooks  was added along, with the building project to house it. This lasted for about ten years, before I had it removed so I could focus on the rest of the services I enjoyed.

I have owned the operation in part and completely now for over 17 years. As partner change-ups occurred and life moved on, the partners  and most staff in time, were able to move on in further endeavors, while I decided to stay with the business I had come to really enjoy and keep it up and running in a very up and down economy as many businesses in Brooks have survived through.

My son started working for me prior to finishing his schooling as a certified carpet and upholstery cleaning technician and has built a solid reputation with a good client base. I have let him run with it and he is doing great!

In between, as can happen to many businesses and families that run them, come set backs. We experienced a big one one morning, as Zac, my son, was going to a water loss job and never made it as he had, as my daughter, seven years old reports:

Zacs Aksedent Baset on a true story
It was very sad.We were in teers,when we left to the hospidl.We didn’t speed like the abulins but we were
sad on the way. I call Zac Zuccini,and Zac calls me
Silly.If you want to send a get well card, PO Box
1832 Brook,AB Zachary Preston.

Van Wreckage PictureVan Wreckage Picture 1  Van Wreckage Picture 2 1Van Wreckage Picture 1 1 Van Wreckage Picture 1 2  Van like new Picture 1

About one year later, Zac’s recovery was sufficient enough to operate again. We introduced “KLEEN FX” to make it more Zac’s operation, as I wanted him to run with the service and make it his. This worked out very well. He then took a sabbatical down under for about nine and a half months, worked for the oilfield for a while and then came back after being away for about a total of two years.

He returned to support the company in need of a bit of time to recover from yet another injury. We have worked together since and now offer the “High Power, Closed Door Systems” for carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

I became certified in over 15 fields of the cleaning and textile industry along with health and safety, food preparation, mold inspection, senior textile inspector and home inspection.

I have not pursued inspections as I came to understand, I was more inclined to be proud working with clients to achieve their goals in remodeling services.

We now offer, Kitchen Craft Custom Cabinet Systems, Remodeling Agent services, Flooring, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Auto Reconditioning, Vacuum Sales and Service, Duradek, and Renovation along with some Restoration.

Our new plans are to downsize operations, as indicated by the building and lands being up for sale. We are inclined to rent elsewhere or even part of the building we are in. At this stage of the game we want to keep it simple as possible and provide a more tuned business for our clients. How far we downsize and simplify is not totally in stone. However we do see Duradek, Vacuum Sales and Service, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and Carpentry Related Services along with a small offering of flooring products being our focus.





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