Counteraction of Fire Smoke and Other Odors.

When it comes to the counteraction of smoke related damage, be it from a fire, involving, burnt structural components, contents, protein, or simply cigarette smoke and many other smoke related odors, a thorough removal of the physical damage takes place first. This involves, removal, washing, vacuuming, chemical sponging, carpet, upholstery and drapery cleaning and a host of contents and structural fire damage and smoke removal processes to be done as quickly as possible, thus reducing potential secondary damage.

Once all the accessible surface residuals are cleaned up and treated with special washing and chemical spray techniques, in many cases, a final process known as Thermal Fogging is done.

Thermal Fogging is a process that duplicates the fine smoke particle produced by a fire and is used to get into the small cracks, crevices, pores and textiles, in the same manner the original smoke deposits get into these inaccessible spots.

Thermal Fogging is a process that requires understanding and is best conducted by a trained company in fire restoration procedures.

Each type of smoke as a result of different fires a building can be subjected to, require different measures of decontamination, deodorization and restoration approaches and includes a variety of Thermal Fogging treatment products, each designed, for each case.

The building needs to be occupant free, including pets, for these procedures and can be reaccessed after an air purging, also done in different ways with various equipment, if open air purging is not appropriate. Until all processes are complete, client safety is put first and access will be deemed safe once purged.

In some cases, additional purging or ventilation may be needed due to sensitivities. It takes time for complete purging of all induced odors or odor counteraction products to be completely stabilized, just as is, the case with new paint or carpet. This ventilation may be as simple as keeping air flow constant by means of a furnace fan set to on, or having a breeze from outside air controlled through use of windows. Other procedures may be recommended by the restoration professional as need may present itself.

Once all is done, the process is unmatched for effectiveness in fire and smoke restoration and counteraction.

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Alberta Outlaw in Sundre

On December 6th. we were driving through Sundre Ab, heading to the Tim’s and I spotted a man riding a horse. Kind-a-nice to see I said to my wifee and daughter as I acknowledged his existence. I wasn’t sure my bride of 30 3/4 years and daughter, almost 18, had seen him. This was short lived, as I saw him now coming through the door of the Tim’s we had just settled down in to have a bite and coffee. I saw this darkly clad fellow saunter through the door and I say, that’s the guy. He heads in toward the counter, out of site from where we sat, then all to our surprise, there he was, looming over my daughter and wife, quite friendly in his introduction. I could tell he had gotten used to coming up to folk, just as he was doing now and I settled into hearing his story as it poured from his conviction in purpose. He was on a ride to raise awareness of mental disease that in our research, we agreed was a very important cause to understand, as we had just read, one in four are affected by this and is most commonly major depression, that becomes life threatening. He himself had gone through it and was now, after, realizing how his life had almost come to terms, was spared and now was the time to live for purpose and help those with or without the disease come to be understanding. He Road into a local Restaurant with his horse, Drifter and laid down under, right at the reception desk. A nice show for the people. The excited children, made it worth the outlaws time. He road back out to the parking lot where the owner and others could get acquainted and have some pictures.

IMG_20141206_172521IMG_20141206_172412 At Tim’s,

IMG_20141206_175819 On His way to the Restaurant, Getting seen.

IMG_20141206_180117IMG_20141206_180122Riding into the Restaurant.

IMG_20141206_180136IMG_0083 Getting ready for a little show to excite the patrons. Kids loved it!

IMG_20141206_180222IMG_0088 Down under, Camera’s are out, Picture time!

IMG_20141206_180244IMG_0082 Show over inside.

Pictures were taken out in the parking lot by those who desired.