To Fill our Land Fills or Not to Fill


Eighteen years and still going.
The canister still operates like new.
This unit was brought in for a power brush repair.
The $700.00 investment,   at the local vacuum dealer saved hundreds that would have been spent on a door to door sold unit averaging $2500.00 at the time.
All vacuums need repair from time to time, however, not all are repairable due to cost verses value of the unit. Many box store models are made and sold with disposability as the end game.
Most will be replaced very quickly as they are not made to take the rigorous task expected of a vacuum. The one pictured above is a farm duty unit and is still operating as it should. Who knows how many more years it will do the job it was originally purchased to do?
How many vacuums do you buy and throw out before it is a wise choice to invest in a unit like this.
This investment supports your Ma and Pa shop as well as keeps the service open for repairs.
No investment in your local vacuum repair shop, not enough value in a box store vacuum to make repairs an option, filled landfill’s add up to closed doors and environmental damages.

It’s up to you!

Make a good investment today, save a needed service, minimized waste and support a healthy environment for upcoming generations.

It could be that simple.

Have fun and see you soon. Coffee can be put on.