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"Our Closed Door System for Carpet Cleaning Will Keep Weather and Vermin Out!"

Having Trouble Choosing A Carpet Cleaner Or Any Trade?

With so Many Choices, How Do You Choose a Method Right For You?

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When it comes to stained carpets and dirty upholstery, our team offers the cleaning you need. And instead of running a hose from a truck outside and leaving your home open, we bring our equipment inside. With our closed-door system, we can provide thorough cleaning without additional inconvenience, and since your front door won’t be wide open, you’ll save on energy costs. The power used is translated back into your home as heat, saving you the added cost of your household heating system coming on to replace lost heat when using open door systems. Give us a call or stop by, and we can set up a free carpet audit.

All cleaning systems are portable in order to come to the place in need of cleaning services. What makes the difference is operator experience with the equipment and the cleaning processes.

All cleaning processes have their place and done right do a good job. Dry chemical or absorption processes are excellent for in between appearance maintenance, usually implemented in commercial settings.

Hot water extraction with high power closed door systems, or through the door systems , are the deep clean, wash type cleaning process, that when performed correctly, will remove almost entirely, the soil and chemical left by maintenance methods, either, dry particulate removal performed by regular vacuuming, or dry chemical maintenance cleaning with a followup of dry particulate removal, that being the chemical residual used to suspend the topical soiling, providing a cleaner surface between hot water extraction cleaning needs.

Hot water extraction cleaning is the number one recommended method for proper cleaning by most carpet manufacturers and is part of the warranty requirements, along with regular dry particulate removal with a high filtration vacuum.

When do We Decide to Clean Our Carpet or Textiles?

When everything is new, we are ecstatic!   Left too long and we could be too late!

Carpet and upholstery need to be regularly cleaned just as our cloths, bedding, or other aspects in our home. Over-soiling is the reason why carpet and hard surfaces wear out prematurely.

It is recommended, carpet be cleaned, especially the open areas, at least one time per year minimum. Vacuuming these open areas, should take place at least once per week, per person as a general agenda to keep your carpet in top shape.

Not All Vacuums/Systems, are What They Seem!

Having the right vacuum is a must to complete the cleaning circle for healthy environments! 


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Some of the sites will be useful to you for  seeing a product in color or design such as:

Kitchen Craft,  Centura Western, United Weavers, Duradek, Schluter, Kraus Flooring, QuickStyle, Beam, Riccar, Houzz;

all of which you can visit right here, if you wish to see what to expect as you read through on the page(s) of choice, or need to find a site quickly instead of having to re-read pages to find a site of interest.

Sites like Kitchen Craft and QuickStyle have useful tools to help with visualization and installation of products that you find interest in. This will give you the needed information to be informed before actually coming into our store for the actual consultation and order of your desired project products.

For your convenience, I have in site links to various articles as well to help with your research.

We are pleased you have visited our site and hope you have fun with it and find great information to help you with design, pre-purchase and disclosure of product offerings you may wish to incorporate in your project.

Our Mission: “To Provide Ever Improving Product and Service!”

Brooks Vacuum and Flooring Products is a family owned and operated business that began in 1980. We’re a ma and pa shop that provides personal service and quality results.

• Carpet cleaning
• Upholstery cleaning
• Vinyl composition commercial tile cleaning and wear surface application.
• Kitchen Craft, Design, flooring solutions, full remodelling and agent service.

Community Involvement

  • We support the Calgary Children’s Hospital
  • Stars Air Ambulance
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation

Service Areas
• Brooks  • Duchess  • Tilley  • Bassano  • Rosemary

• Rolling Hills  • Vauxhall  • Patricia  • Jenner


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Vacuums and Vacuum Supplies
For residential clients in the Brooks area, our team offers a wide range of carpet cleaning and renovation services. We also operate as the only vacuum sales and service shop in town.

You can stop by our store for a large selection of janitorial supplies, which are perfect for property maintenance companies. And no matter what your needs may be, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help.

Vacuum Sales
If you are looking for a reliable portable vacuum or central vacuum system, we carry a number of models from trusted brands like Riccar, Simplicity, Beam, Panasonic, GHIBLI, and Carpet Pro.

• Vacuum cleaners
• Central vacuums
• Vacuum bags, hoses & attachments
• Janitorial supplies (waxes, strippers, sealants, toilet cleaners, etc.)
We operate as an authorized dealer for; Schluter, Kitchen Craft, Kraus, Tarket, Centura Western, Olympia Tile, Ames Tile, Classic Clean Janitorial Products,QuickStyle hardwood and 100% Waterproof PVC laminate, Engineered Products.
• Riccar®
• Eureka®
• Carpet Pro
• Beam
• Simplicity®


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I am interested in many things like woodworking, remodeling and cleaning services. In all of these endeavors I have identified a thread that proliferates all of these interests; that is the need to be better equipped to relate to others for positive relationship building. Therefore I decided to work with all who desire to build their character thus improving ability to interact and build solid relationships.

Brooks Vacuum and Flooring Products

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What Our Customers Think

Everything turned out real good.

It’s almost dry this morning.

The new underlay turned out real nice.

Looks like new carpet now.

Zac did the stairs and it wasn’t in the contract – for free.

As always, service was great, all parties very accomodating

See you again.

The carpets look great.

Zach was very obliging, helpful, and fast. Did a thorough cleaning. Very pleasant young man, be proud of him Ron

Excellent workmanship. I am impressed. It took a little bit longer than expected, but the end result was more than satisfactory. You cannot tell this basement was recently filled with sewage.

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