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Are We Honest in our Business Dealings?

In the design industry we have many challenges besides meeting the concerns wants and needs of our precious clients.
One of the challenges most noteworthy is the perception of value that is created for our trades. For a certainty, most trends are to downplay, for market segmenting purposes, the true value of truly reputable trades. In our industry, so many sales are made without realizing that no sale is really made until a successful installation or service has been provided for the paying, trusting client, who in turn may or may not be a super advocate for our business success.
It is tantamount to lying to present trade services as something that can be commoditized for less than or free just to get a client from a reputable business or designer who represents the true costs for services rendered.
Bate and switch tactics are used all the time by many larger corporations and have severely damaged, flooring, renovation, carpet cleaning, vacuum sales and services, design agent services and the like, leaving well intentioned clients in a quandary of who, why and what they can trust.
All operations that work on lowest price marketing, set everyone up for failure and feed our waste facilities with massive amounts of materials due to bad decisions made as a direct result of uncaring enterprises, be it manufacturers, distributors, retailers, advantage driven designers and sales persons.
It would be a great start for our industry to stop feeding the greedy price shopper mentality created by corporate opportunists and smaller businesses who buy into this sick mentality, by reflecting on true value all the way around. Today many are thinking in line with, save the planet. Let’s save our businesses and services while we are at it.

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