David Snell | When do I need a mold inspection


A good article explaining mold with a balanced viewpoint.
Unless we are off the planet or in a purposed clean room designed to be maintained mold and bacteria free, we are exposed to many varieties of mold everywhere. Remember, it is the concentration, usually over time that creates sensitivities with most airborne particulates that induce reactions that require above and beyond measures to rectify. Exposed, growing, active mold in confined spaces is the circumstance that needs to be addressed primarily, as easy distribution due to air currents, even from our own activity, let alone doors opening and closing, windows letting air through or the like is raising the parts per million we breath. Other unseen issues that directly affect a closed environment is beds up against walls that condensate and keep the bedding components damp.
Many times a bed is moved out and we see a black wall along with a black mattress and box spring. As you have already imagined, as you were sleeping, mold redistribution was at its peek. Not feeling rested and feeling a bit off your game may be indicators of such a problem. Keeping a space for active air to flow will stop this type of problem.

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